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Your Challenge - Your Solution

Your KBC Challenge

You know it would be great value, potentially creating financial gain or even freedom; it’s WHY you committed to the Karatbars vision in the first place!  However…

  • Computers and online “stuff” is foreign to you – you don’t know where or how to get started, nevermind track it!
  • You want to learn how KBC works in tandem with Bitcoin, but the puzzle seems way too complex, so you procrastinate.
  • You aren’t even sure how or where to create an account, never mind purchase and then trade to increase your holdings.
  • And, then what happens next to actually create the potential for ongoing financial gain?

Your Solution

Lloyd Merrifield has been involved in money markets in some form or another for decades plus played a key Karatbars leadership council role in the build of what is now a significant opportunity for anyone willing to learn. He knows the exact steps to get you set up and, teach you to “fish” – learn how to do it for yourself. All your challenges resolved by simply committing to grow forward and learn with live integration.  You will learn and achieve the following:

  • Set up your exchange trading accounts plus “wallets” for transferring money to and from your accounts.  
  • Be walked through the steps to add money to the account for purchasing the KBC coins.  
  • Join the live integration calls to ASK any question to learn and become informed so you can do it yourself.
  • Learn how to track and trade to create financial gain in income now, all from your laptop.
  • Access all webinar recordings in your MBDCLUB Crypto course account.
  • Stay up to date as this Global Payment System continues to evolve.

Let’s Get You Started! If Not Now, When?

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Wayne R. VIP Karatbars

Hello Lloyd, I wanted to thank you for the hours you have spent with me sharing your knowledge and valuable insight on Karatbars. A special thanks for the assistance in my 1st two 10,000 KBC Arbitrage trades which netted 2.58% more KBC on one and 5.3% more KBC on the other. It was a great day! This far exceeded my costs and I can now manage my trading on my own whenever I choose. It was easy to learn.

Learn the Simple Steps

Educate, Educate, Educate!

Ideas are great, but execution wins the day. Learn how to purchase your Altcoin quickly and easily and then make it grow in numbers with a few simple clicks.
Learn the Simple Steps

Love Bitcoin & Crypto?

Welcome to The New Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency and The Future of Money.

DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND DURING THE NEW MONEY EVOLUTION. Learn The Bitcoin and Crypto Game to Gain Massive Wealth!
Love Bitcoin & Crypto?

Learn How to Trade Like a Pro

Remember that anytime you make money on a trade, someone else will be losing it. You want to be the one making it! At the end of the day, no one has a crystal ball to predict successful trades. But there are a few fundamental ways and correct steps to take to ensure your hard-earned money is growing. Let's educate you so you learn how you can trade like the professionals, without having to be one.
Learn How to Trade Like a Pro
  • It's Not Too Late!

    You still have time to get ahead of the curve and win in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Cryptos Could Become the Biggest Bull Market in the History of Money!

    The Opportunity For You To Become A Crypto Millionaire is BIG if You Know What You Are Doing!

  • Cryptocurriences Are The Biggest MoneyMakers in the Market

    Not Just A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity, But A Potential Hundred-Trillion Dollar Opportunity.

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