Russ Devan goes live twice a month to coach you and show you the ropes of successful network marketing – from someone who knows and has the track record to prove it. Learn how to build a powerfully successful network marketing business of your own and create the lifestyle of your dreams – while avoiding all the potential pitfalls of learning the hard way.  These webinars all include ample time to ask any questions and recieve solutions that target your specific issue.

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Course curriculum

Russ teaches you how to build a highly lucrative Network Marketing business. Over a 26-year period Russ has coached people to go from struggle to success. From zero cash flow to major cash flow. Now it’s your turn to build a home based business that supports you living your dream lifestyle.

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    • Promoting Distinction 06-13
    • Introduction (6.17)
    • Where Do I Go? (16.15)
    • Prospect Categories (16.58)
    • Cross Culture Prospects (12:20)
    • Selling vs Recruiting (15:40)
    • Creating Your Project (17:00)
    • One Day at a Time (14.46)
  • 3
    • WEBINAR 04-25 Productivity/Action v. Planning/Intention
    • Success By Design Distiction Webinar - 02-19-19
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    • Reward For Sharing